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What causes decrease in the size of e-mail list?

What causes decrease in the size of e-mail list.jpgThe major reason behind the people ending up the subscription with your e-mail list is that they are receiving too many emails in their inbox. While high rate of emails can lead to greater brand recognition, but it can also overwhelm the subscriber and cause them to feel irritated. When they get annoyed the chance of losing prospects will be high. In future getting them back will be much difficult as they might take their business elsewhere.

Everyone will don’t unsubscribe from email marketing list. But the largest percentage of subscribers who do not respond to your offer will simply delete the email even without opening and other percentage of non- responders will mark the message as “Spam” which can be very harmful to your email marketing plans. When a large number of people mark the same message as spam, many email providers will respond to this by automatically marking emails from that address as spam, and they will never even reach the inboxes.  The problem with this is that then the email will never get to the people who actually might open it up, read it and respond.

When it comes to email frequency you need to find the ‘sweet pot’ to protect your email being deleted, unread or marked as spam. There is no right answer on the topic of frequency as you will find different opinions. The best frequency often depends on the type of the customer and the type of the product which you are offering. Best practices widely vary from niche to niche. When you contact your sales leads make sure not to overdo by sending them too many emails. Too high frequency of emails will not always lead to higher conversion rate but it will lead to decrease in the size of your email list or being marked as spammer.

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