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Email Marketing - Doís and Doníts for Email Design

email marketing dos donts email designIs it essential to design your email campaign? With many advertisers have the access to similar resources at this place the design element of your email campaign can only does wonder to make you stand out from the crowd.

In order to have an impact on audience your email design should be unique from other advertisers. Email design reinforces the subscribers’ confidence and perception for your products and services. Many marketers put their efforts on SEO and gaining new visitors. But Email is the only reason which draws customers to your website which is essential for your continued success.

Content can’t always float top, create something awesome. Creativity plays a key role in making graphic which probably result in high readers’ rate. Visibility is critical, as the prospect should be able to find and act on what they are looking for almost immediately. Throughout the whole process usability and layout testing should be done by asking friend/employee and Include a link to view the email in a browser. Design and layout are the two factors which keeps you stand out on the crowd.

Use eye catchy content and images in your email as eye automatically goes to large objects on the page than the smaller ones. Coming to colour, warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges project urgency. Cool colours – blues, greens and dark purples – create a soothing, peaceful effect. To enhance your message use warm or cool colours. Also, the eye travels from the dark areas of your page to the light areas. Always use background colours instead of using a background image. To make the design more interesting use photographs which are memorable and can have a great impact as human beings are visual being.

While using the photograph in design make sure it flows in the direction of the copy. Once the designed is finalized code your email into HTML. It’s a big challenge for designers to code an email which make well across all the email platforms. As technology changes, so do design guidelines.

Keeping in mind the ongoing trend of mobile devices make sure that your creative renders well even in smaller display. Remember your creativity is the only key to design email campaign.

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