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indian email databaseEmail Marketing Databases are priceless. They contain a list of all of your customers (potential and current), which is the lifeblood of any business. According to market research; people are expected to be spending nearly 2.5 billion (yes, that’s right, billions with a b) on email marketing by the year 2016, up from the mere 1.5 billion that was spent in 2011, we highly recommend using emails to market your business. Give us a call so we can answer any questions you have about email marketing.

We’re offering a few tips that will help you clean up your database so it’s sure to be ready once you start sending out your marketing campaigns.

Divide your email addresses into sections, such as by the date they joined or the type of products they’re interested in purchasing. This way when you want more information or need to reach out to a certain demographic the various segments are already there. Then all you have to do is create a marketing message for any particular demographic and then choose who this particular marketing message will be sent out to.

Send your customers a survey so you can find out what it is exactly that they want from you/your emails as well as how often they would like to receive them. They will feel appreciated that their input really matters, and you’ll be given them exactly what they want. Win-Win!

Find out who is not responding to your marketing emails so you can then send them an email either asking what it is that you can do so they will respond, or an email informing them that they’re going to be removed from your database because they’re not responding to your marketing emails.

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