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How to get repeated business from your existing customers

How to get repeated business from your existing customersDid you ever tried to make additional sales from an existing customer. Well might be he has purchased your product once, twice or say thrice. Did later to last purchase you tried for another sale from him? No, we let them go. This is what happens with most marketers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to develop a relationship with existing customers and get the business from them in future? Once you build the relationship and trust with the existing customer they will become the source for your ahead business. You really really work hard to get sales leads.  Here let us discuss the ways you can guarantee your sales leads to a repeated sales lead.

Give value to your customer Many marketers make mistakes with sales leads they think once a customer has made the purchase they should be deluged with offers of more stuff for sale. In fact when someone already took step by purchasing from you it’s the first step towards becoming a long term customer. Now, It’s the time to what do they think of the product they bought, how can it be improved?

Build relationship, trust, Network Plant relations, build trust and network with customers and reap never ending business profits, look at the resources you hold rather than searching around in building a new relations or customer. Your customers are the way for your success. Get reference from them if possible. 

Get in touch Keeping in touch with your email leads list members is important, to not only maintain your Email list but hopefully help it grow as well as personalization element of your email campaign can only does wonder to make you stand out from the crowd. You may even lose the prospective client if you take long in between your emails to the members of your Email list.

Don’t overdo it When you contact your sales leads make sure not to overdo by sending them too many emails. By doing this people get annoyed and the chance to unsubscribe from your list will be high. A good rule would be to send email once in few days

Make it socialMake best out of social networking by including social icons in your Email. Ask email subscriber to share and connect. It will popularize your company/ product as well as increase your sales.

Offer free gifts Finally, you should offer free gifts might be the things which are useful for them. By doing this you’re allowing them to feel that they are not just your cash machine. These onetime purchasers will become lifelong sale leads.

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