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Ways to increase Email marketing ROI

Increase Email marketing ROI

Email marketing is known for providing great return on investment (ROI). There are certain things which boost your email marketing ROI and increase your profits. Putting efforts in the below area is much important than just investing. Here goes the best ways to boost Email marketing ROI.

1. Enhance Deliverability

  • Make sure you hold the crystal clear Email list. A recent study states that the 20% of the text never even reach recipients inbox. To increase the deliverability rate you need to regularly update the Email list.
  • Avoid words which make email service providers or even actual recipients mistake your email for spam. For instance - “Free” and Winner”.
  • Monitor your delivery with seed list- Set up seed lists—your own accounts at top domains—to confirm that messages are being delivered.
  • Before sending email know exactly who your customers are, and who wants you. This is the effective and efficient method of filtering your mailing list through which the listed customers who fall under the target will receive the Email.
  • To reduce complaints use relevant content, preference centers and prominent unsubscribe options.

2. Behavioral targeting

  • Focus on behavioral targeting while sending emails and achieve hefty revenue per email.
  • Based on past purchases recommend complementary items.
  • Subscribers who frequently open your messages send loyalty offers to them.
  • Request feedback from the customer when he abandons a cart.

3. Combine email marketing with social networking:

Social networking as become the trend make best out of it by integrating email marketing with social network you are not only increasing your email marketing ROI, but you are probably helping to increase your social media ROI as well.

  • Include Social icons in your Email.
  • Ask email subscriber to share and connect.
  • It will popularize your company or product as well as increase your traffic.
  • Promote email sign-up via social networks which also will lead to people getting into your email list.
  • Build an Email-opt in form on Facebook
  • Promote Email marketing on your blog

4. Acquisition campaigns

  • Give top priority to building your list and focus on potential subscribers who are likely to be interested in your product and service.
  • Offer something of value such as discount, incentive and show respect to prospects, subscribers and brand. With the fully enhanced email marketing program achieve maximum ROI.

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