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Tips to Keep your Email List Engaged

Tips to Keep your Email List EngagedHope you bought or built an e-mail list and started sending across the marketing emails or maybe youíre busy in keeping your e-mail list engaged. Whatever maybe the case once who have send across the emails to the e-mail list you have made an initial connection with them. There are number of things to keep people engaged in opening your e-mail.

Hereís goes what you need to know :

  • Donít lie with your Email lIst: It has became common among the Email marketer to lie with their Email list while making sale. Remember the same client might be your long term client. To enhance sales built trust and give respect to the subscribers rather than lying as it bring down the sales. Only because you lied with your email list the attrition rates will be high in long run. People who used to be honest and admire you might learn to avoid the liars.
  • Put useful content in emails/newsletters: To maintain the long run relationship with the client make sure while sending across the emails or setting up newsletter use truly useful content and make sure that you donít overdo it on the sales pitches.
  • Donít send too many emails: By sending too many emails to the subscribers they get annoyed and the chance to unsubscribe from your list will be high. A good rule would be to send email once in few days. By continually providing special offers you can keep the mailing list from unsubscribing.
  • Donít Undersend Emails: Understanding email is also leads to attrition of email list and the chance to keep the email list engaged will be less. A good rule would be to send email once in few days.
  • Put yourself in place of subscriber: Finally think like your subscriber get into the mind of your subscriber when selling things to the email list. Put yourself in the place of subscriber while you draft email .If you were the subscriber what would trigger your interest and make you want to read more.

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