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Tips for writing successful email marketing subject line

Benefits email marketing

Subject line is only the part of email but it is the most important element of email marketing campaign. Even a single word makes difference. Email marketers should be cautious while drafting the subject line and the rest of the email. A research showed that 35% of users open the email specifically because of the content of the subject line. Here are certain best tips for writing successful email marketing subject line.

Get into the mind of your subscriber:

When you write the email subject line put yourself in place of subscriber. If you were the subscriber what would trigger your interest and make you want to read more.

Always use spell checker :

Typo errors are common with everyone it’s better to do spell check as it makes a big difference.

Be clear and single minded:

Make yourself clear on the key offers and benefits which are mentioned in your email content and communicate the same in your subject line.

Write it last:

Once you have done with the drafting rest of the message then come up with the subject line. Many marketers do mistake where subject line doesn’t exactly match with the content of the email.

Avoid words that trigger spam filter:

Make sure you don’t use the words which take your email to your subscribers spam box.

Eye catchy and short subject line:

A casual glance might be an attentive stare only if the subject line is short and attractive. Choose the subject line which is short as people scan their inboxes quickly a long subject line might earn an instant delete. Even it will be inconvenient for the mobile user to check email on mobile device.

Mention your brand name:

Make sure you mention your brand in subject line has the chance to open and share the messages with the branded subject line are found high.

Run a split test:

Send across an e-mail to half of the recipients with one subject line and the other half with a second subject line. Now make a note which e-mail performs better, in future use this knowledge while drafting the subject line.

Most important point:

Get into the mind of your subscriber and then draft the subject line he or she simply can’t resist.

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