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Why Email Marketing Fails

why email marketing failsYour email copy will reach thousand of audience, to draw them into conversation inbox you need to keep them engaged with your message. Writing copy for your email is the great task as it should be in such a way that it should grasp the attention of the audience and generate sales. With tools like Google Analytics, amassing data has become very easy, but the key to business intelligence still remains in asking the right questions. Here we explain the common mistakes which marketers makes while designing an email campaign.

Email is the interactive tool through which you can send the information on your product at a lightning speed globally with low cost and high revenue. End of the day email is the conversation that sells. To grab the attention of the customer email message should be powerful and precise which should state what you are selling and the benefits. The power of personalization plays a great role which should be used in your emails. It increases both the reading and click-thru rates. Write like you speak as at the end of the working day, email is about communication.

Exclusivity works better for all marketing campaigns. The effectiveness and result of being focused will be high. Include a single and tempting offer instead of dozens of offers, which might lead to distract the user.

Companies prefer to scrap all the previous email when they want to change the campaign and start anew. It’s better to do simple a test by making a single measurable change (maybe the button color) and then test it. You’ll come to know where you went wrong.

Get into the mind of your subscriber and with the above pointers make your campaigns successful.

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