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Tips for Effective Email Marketing


Are you facing problem with your email marketing program. Here at Ramswebsolution we have narrowed down very effective Email Marketing Tips that you absolutely must remember. If you chase them you certainly won’t fail.

If you are a newbie to Email marketing or the existing marketer here at Ramswebsolution we assure improvement in your Email marketing campaign.

When done well Email marketing is the best way to reach targeted audience and can be very cost effective. It is the best source to build and maintain relationship with your prospective customers, existing clients and partners, and spread the word about your products and services.

  • Make sure the links which you provided in your Email are obvious to the user. The best practice is to have many links.
  • Never use an image to convey an important or critical message. It’s better to rely on html to enhance the look of your email and use images sparingly.
  • Make it easy unsubscribe by providing a clear, easy-to-find unsubscribe links that require minimal action from the user to complete the task of unsubscribing. Remember receiving unsubscribe is better than a spam complaint.
  • Every time you send the Email to your customers follow SPAM tips. Even though your email isn’t as effective as sales tool following all the steps to avoid being flagged as spam is absolutely, unquestionably critical with very send.
  • Design your email which looks like in a 600x200 pixel space without images loaded. Adhering to this dimension will yield better result.
  • To grab the attention of the customer email message should be powerful and precise which should state what you are selling and the benefits. Make sure your most important message are highlighted or bolded.
  • Better keep you Email list clean and away from bad email. The result if you don’t will put you in the spam folder.
  • Make sure all your image has Alt text and title text and is linked to a webpage or landing page.
  • Before sending your Email to main list, send a test version to a test account using each of the big email providers (Gmail, yahoo, hotmail/Live/MSN and any account using an outlook client).
  • Basically people are reading text-based email only on mobiles. Make sure your html email has a piggybacked text email attached to it.

These email marketing tips won’t make you a perfect email marketer, but they will certainly make you better than most.

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